Steer Clear of these Common Threats to your Plastic Strip Doors!


Plastic strip doors are generally used to create a barrier between spaces, and to help with the flow of traffic. They can be found or installed in any kind of place, but we know that they are most commonly found in industrial warehouses, freezer rooms, cold storages and refrigerated vehicles. To be honest, providing your staff with a comfortable working environment, and saving the products from pollutants and contaminants, are quite difficult and expensive to achieve. However, installing PVC strip doors in your industrial or commercial work space is one of the most affordable ways to do just that.

PVC strip doors help to separate the work areas and also keep insects, dust, dirt, noise etc. away from the inventory and the workers. Also, they help you save up on money by reducing the energy costs by blocking the flow of hot/cold air. So, it’s going to be no surprise if you decide to install PVC strip curtains. Austcold Industries should be your go-to place for such curtains, as they make sure to achieve their goal of customer satisfaction. They supply the best quality plastic strip doors at the most competitive prices.

Susceptible site threats to your PVC strip doors

You must be thinking or might have thought at a moment that hanging these clear plastic PVC strips in your doorways might just sound to be a complete waste of time and money. But, in reality it’s far from that. It can improve both your working environment and save you money. There’s very little that could go wrong with these tough plastic doors, but there are certain things that could. Let’s see what they are:

  • Physical impacts: A sweep of an employee’s hand pushes aside the strips, the workflow continues and there’s no damage done. The workflow continues quite efficiently, and there’s no waiting to open or close the rigid door. Trolleys loaded with food, raw materials, forklifts etc. cut through the clear plastic swing doors. The operator or the driver of these heavy vehicles should take care when they are crossing one zone into another. But, it’s quite possible to incur damage when the plastic door meets a heavy metal chassis.
  • Environmental damage: Generally, tough engineered plastics don’t have a problem when the temperature falls abnormally low. The material is designed in such a way that it bears even arctic cold. But there are a number of external factors that could threaten the plastic. One of the primary factors is Ultraviolet radiation which discolours the PVC. Along with constant wear and tear, and huge pallets of sharp objects that may pass through may cause trouble for the plastic. They generally retain their elasticity, but a little bit of polymer brittleness seeps into the plastic.
  • Mechanical activity: This is yet another probable cause that could ruin your PVC strip doors. These transparent plastic curtains generally swing close on a rail system and are either situated behind large warehouse doorways, or behind freezer access ways. Any of the curtain strips could become kinked and get trapped in the gap between the door and its frame. Also, a rail system can fail to be efficient due to causes like corrosion. All of these will result in a useless and leaking plastic curtain door. But, if you are lucky, and it’s just a few strips that need to be replaced, then, it’s easily repairable.

So, these were some of the most common and probable mishaps that could happen with your clear strip doors. Just make sure to overcome these common causes of failure. And you are sorted. Keep these in mind, try to be careful with your PVC curtains, and it will last you for years.