Learn how to Choose the Best Water Fed Pole for your Windows!

Earlier, window cleaning included the use of ladders, squeegees, chemical solutions, a wiping cloth, and lots of physical efforts. But, long gone are those days. The new age of window cleaning has brought what is known as water fed poles. These are much easier to use, and reduces the time and efforts needed to get those windows sparkling clean.

The water fed pole cleaning system takes the help of telescopic poles which are equipped with cleaning brushes, and can reach a height as much as 70 feet. The pure water is then pumped up through these poles, and then the brushes scrub away and rinse any dirt. As only pure water is used in the process, the windows are left to dry naturally. And soon, you will be greeted with clean, crystal clear windows. So, that’s exactly how easy and convenient it is to use the window cleaning poles. Full Clean Centre offers a wide variety of water fed cleaning poles which will help you clean your windows faster than ever. These poles make the cleaning job much easier, especially for high-rise or out-of-reach windows.

Guide on how to choose water fed poles:

A set of ladders and brushes which were the standard, stereotypical tools of every window cleaner have been replaced by what’s known as water fed poles. You must be wondering why bother with this water fed pole window cleaning system when traditional ways have always worked? Well, they have numerous benefits for both the customers as well as the window cleaners. So, make sure to choose your weapon very carefully:

  • The correct length: The very first step is to decide what height of pole you need. Determine the highest windows that you might need to reach, consider the angle at which the pole shall tilt against the building, as well as the probable flex. You can basically calculate the height of the highest windows 1.2 times, and this will add enough length to compensate for the pole’s tilt and flex.
  • Price: The next thing to consider is obviously your budget. But, yeah don’t compromise on quality. Choose the best water fed pole you can lay your hands on within your budget. And you can be sure to be greeted with spectacular cleaning results.
  • Flex: Another very important thing to consider is the amount of flex you can work with. The higher the height your pole will be working at, the more crucial the flex factor becomes. A higher amount of flex makes it harder to work with the pole. So, you should try to choose a pole which will keep the flex at a minimum.
  • Weight: The next attribute that you should watch out for, is the weight of the pole. Needless to say, a lighter pole will be easier to work with, as you will have to lift it all day. Every pound makes a difference when you have to raise it and lower it a hundred times.
  • Material: Water fed poles come in a variety of materials such as aluminium, fibreglass, hybrid of fibreglass and carbon fibre, carbon fibre etc. Aluminium might be the most inexpensive, but it will give you serious issues in the flex and weight department. Carbon fibre is the highest quality material which is used in the making of water fed poles. They will allow you to reach up to incredible heights, with the minimum of weight and significant flex control.
  • Type: You can either go for a telescopic or a modular type of a water pole. Telescopic poles are the most common and the sections of the pole are all inside each other. The modular one, on the other hand, has the pole sections stacked on top of one another. This reduces the weight as you can remove the extra sections when you don’t need it, and also allows for additional length.

So, these are some of the most important factors to consider while you choose the best water fed pole for your cleaning job. Look into each of these, determine which one is the best for you, and your cleaning job shall become a piece of cake.